Nephron Kidney Care

Nephron kidney care and research LLP was formed in year 2012 with aim of delivering High quality nephrology services to various healthcare centers.

Nephron Kidney Care

Nephron Kidney Care and Research LLP was formed in year 2012 with aim of delivering high quality nephrology services to various healthcare centres. we represent a group of qualified, full time and dynamic interventional nephrologists. we deliver high quality service which is accessible and affordable. The group consists of

  • Dr Sachin S Soni, Interventional Nephrologist and Designated Partner
  • Dr Shriganesh R Barnela, Interventional Nephrologist and Designated Partner
  • Dr. Sonali S Saboo, Consultant Sonologist and Designated Partner
  • Dr. Shailesh Gondane, Consultant Nephrologist Sweta Barnela, Executive Officer


Nephron kidney care and research llp delivers its services to many healthcare centres. It's principal functional unit is at united ciigma hospital, aurangabad. our sister centre is functional at asian citicare superspeciality hospital, aurangabad. We also provide nephrology services to

  • ciigma hospital (raghuvir nagar)
  • kodlikeri hospital
  • JJ plus neuron international hospital
  • Gajanan hospital and critical care centre
  • shradha hospital
  • life hospital
  • aims hospital
  • sai hospital
  • bembade hospital
  • and many other critical care units in emergency

Nephrologist of the group also deliver their services to Kamalnayan Bajaj Hospital and Manik Hospital and Research Centre. Nephrology nephrology at the nephron kidney care covers the entire spectrum of diagnosis and treatment of kidney problems. We offer both inpatient and opd care to all nephrology patients round the clock. this includes counseling, management of all kidney disorder, nephrology related interventions and other supportive treatment of kidney diseases. We place a strong emphasis on treating patients with hypertension and diabetes at an early stage of kidney disease in order to avoid progression to kidney failure. We provide supportive care for patients like dietician and laboratory services at same floor. Our primary goal is to preserve the patient 's remaining kidney function in order to avoid the need for dialysis in the future. OPD services on outpatient basis, consultations are provided on a wide range of kidney problems including:
  • Hypertensive Nephropathy
  • Diabetic Kidney disease
  • Pediatric Nephrology

Dialysis services

Our dialysis program includes

  • State of the art Hemodialysis unit with advanced HD machines
  • Emergency Dialysis
  • Services
  • Sled Dialysis for Critically ill patients
  • Acute and Chronic Peritoneal Dialysis
  • Automated Peritoneal Dialysis
  • Trained and Experienced Dialysis Technician and Nurse
We have home peritoneal dialysis program (CAPD) where we train the patient and family about home based peritoneal dialysis. we also intend to start nocturnal hd program and home based hemodialysis program. We are a dedicated team to treat patients with end-stage renal disease (esrd) and our clinical outcomes have been excellent.

Interventional Nephrology

We perform all nephrology related interventions by ourselves including

  • Kidney biopsy (USG Guided)
  • Temporary HD catheter placement
  • Tunneled HD catheter (Permcath) Placement
  • CAPD catheter placement
  • Percutaneous AV Fistula interventions like Fistulogram and Fistuloplasty
  • AV Fistula Surgery (Radio-cephalic/ Brachiocephalic AVF)
Our AV Fistula success rates are more than 80%, surpassing the reported success rates in literature.
We have developed special expertise and acumen in performing difficult AV Fistula. Our work in the field of Vascular access has been awarded at Mumbai in 2014 by West Zone Chapter of Indian Society of Nephrology and at Delhi in 2016 and at Goa in 2017 by Association of Vascular Access and Interventional Renal Physicians (AVATAR).
Kidney Transplantation: Kidney Transplantation is the treatment of choice for patients with kidney failure.
We perform Kidney Transplantation surgeries regularly with very high success rates exceeding 90 %.
As a team we have experience of more than 300 successful Kidney transplantations till date. We have performed Live related Donor transplantions, Emotionally related donor transplantations, Swap transplantation, Cadaver donor Transplantation with good success rate.
at United Ciigma Hospital, Aurangabad we have integrated and complete kidney care facility with team of Nephrologist, Urologist, Dialysis Unit, Laboratory services, Kidney Transplant Co-ordinator, Peritoneal Dialysis Care Centre, Health Educator, Counsellor and Dietician on same floor.